Educational services for students with language based learning differences


The following will serve as criteria guidelines used in considering a student for admission:

  • Students must have cognitive abilities in the average or above average range as indicated in a current psycho-educational evaluation or a statement by a qualified examiner indicating that the overall scores are not representative of the student’s true potential due to attentional or language processing difficulties.
  • There must be underachievement in one or more academic areas such as reading, written language, or math.
  • The discrepancy between the student’s potential and achievement may not necessarily qualify the student to be certified LD according to public school standards, but must be interfering with academic performance.
  • The student must be able to appropriately function in small groups. If there has been a history of aggressive behavior, the student must have demonstrated successful, ongoing, and appropriate behavior in their current school setting before being considered for admission.
  • The student’s learning difficulties are not primarily the result of emotional or behavioral problems or a physical handicapping condition.


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