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About Cornerstone

A wonderful professor of Christian Counseling named Buck Hatch sometimes asked students, “If the gospel does not touch THIS (guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship hurts, etc…) in some way, could it be good news?” His point was that God’s word is relevant when addressing the psychological suffering of individuals. A premise of Christian counseling is that God is the author of all truth whether it is found in psychology or theology. The integration of these two disciplines provides a powerful conduit for healing and change. Another premise of Christian counseling is that this integration is guided by Biblical principles. It is the integration of these two disciplines that helps set Christian counseling apart from secular counseling.

When we incorporated Cornerstone Counseling as a 501(c)3 ministry in 1995, we hoped that God would be pleased to empower and encourage individuals, families, and churches through professional Christian counseling. We envisioned a team of experienced therapists who were licensed by the state, committed to Biblical truths, and able to use different counseling approaches based on client needs.  We would offer a variety of specialties, and we would welcome diversity of expressions of Christian faith. “In essentials unity; in non-essentials, diversity; in all things, charity” would be the spirit in which we did everything.

Another hope of ours from the beginning was to make counseling available to anyone who seriously desired help from perspectives that honor Biblical truth and clinical excellence. Fees are charged for services and many insurance plans cover a portion of the costs. However, over the last several years, we have seen the amounts covered by insurance shrink and the number of families needing assistance increase dramatically. Many individuals and families are totally without insurance. Yet, stresses upon families mount and the need for counseling is painfully evident. Cornerstone has established a Client Assistance Fund which is available according to a client’s need and as funds are available.

We are so grateful to say that God has fulfilled our hopes.  Under the Cornerstone umbrella (Cornerstone Counseling Center, Cornerstone Institute, and Cornerstone Christian Academy) God has assembled over 30 of the most thoroughly trained, highly qualified counselors, teachers, and support staff. It is a rare privilege to work with colleagues whose hearts and minds serve one Master. Community support of this ministry has been heartwarming, as giving has enabled many individuals, couples & families to receive assistance for counseling.